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Where to exchange cryptocurrency online?

by Blaze Eddie

Not all the exchangers on the Internet can be trusted. Some of them, for example, have too high commissions, which forces the users to significantly lose money. To avoid unpleasant situations, it’s better to choose proven services.

People who actively use cryptocurrency can buy crypto with credit card online on RevalCoin. Working with the platform is extremely simple, the service is secure and provides an opportunity to pay with cards of many world banks.

What is RevalCoin exchanger?

The exchange on the platform works in one direction: fiat money is transferred to cryptocurrency. Additional identification is required only if the user wants to exchange more than 15 thousand euros. Of course, it won’t be possible to avoid registration and confirmation of identity here, but this process takes a minimum of time and consists of several basic actions.

How to exchange cryptocurrency there?

Since any purchase of currency both on the Internet and in everyday life requires proof of identity, the user will still have to go through the registration procedure. It consists of three simple steps described below:

  1. Authorization by a unique username and password. It’s better to use your own email or private addresses as a login.
  2. Passing two-factor authentication. An SMS with a code will be sent to the entered mobile phone number. The code has to be entered in the free field.
  3. Proof of identity by passport. If clients are worried about their safety on the platform, they can also attach a scanned copy of a driver’s license or other personal certificate. Unfortunately, this item is mandatory and transfers aren’t carried out without it.

When the registration is completed, the user can start exchanging cryptocurrencies, all that’s required is to select a coin, amount and specify the bank card number. Then the service works independently: RevalCoin calculates the commission and completes the transaction.

Advantages of using the RevalCoin exchanger

Despite its recent appearance on the market, the platform has a number of serious advantages:

  • favorable exchange rate, — regardless of the chosen cryptocurrency, the exchange rate is always more profitable than that of other exchangers;
  • round-the-clock technical support for customers, — the company’s managers answer users’ questions and help to solve their problems 24/7;
  • instant funds’ transfer to the account.

The platform is still relatively young, but experts predict its serious growth. Perhaps, in the future it’ll turn into a full-fledged crypto bank.

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