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Bitcoin blender or how to stay private during transactions

by Blaze Eddie

Cryptocurrency mixers are special anonymous services designed to hide transfers and payments. It happens by dividing payments into small amounts and sending them to different wallets. Let`s take a closer look at this process.

Reasons to mix bitcoins

Bitcoin is an incredible tool for online shopping and p2p transactions. With it, you can make trading operations bypassing the banking system. Thanks to this, the world’s first cryptocurrency remains a reliable and anonymous means of payment. The problem is that all Bitcoin transactions are recorded and stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. It turns out that there is still no complete anonymity. Knowing the address of your wallet, anyone can monitor the balance and movement of the crypt on a Bitcoin address. Such transparency seems outrageous to many. Bitcoin blender was invented to increase anonymity while running complex transactions. It is an excellent way to hide your wallet details.

Blenders are privacy tools used to increase the anonymity of transactions. They work by aggregating multiple transfers from different users and then shuffling them so that the result is a collection of transactions that are hard to trace.

Automatic clearing of bitcoins with a blender

Automatic Bitcoin mixers break users’ coins into parts, mix them and send them to customers. This procedure complicates blockchain analytics and makes it difficult to determine the actual owner of bitcoins. In addition, such services offer the following advantages:

  • quick and confidential transactions;
  • ease of use;
  • high level of safety due to continuous improvement of mixing algorithms.

So, the main goal of mixers is to break the connection between the sender and the recipient of the cryptocurrency, making it difficult to track the movement of funds. It can be helpful for people who want to keep their privacy and protect themselves from potential hackers or other intruders.

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